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Owner of Meridian Health & Wellness

Pam Martin-McDonald

Yoga, Meditation, Natural Health

Meet Pam! Pam is a lover of life, all things wellness and a “Naturotherapist” with the ANN (Academy of Naturopath’s and Naturotherapist of Canada), and a Holistic Health Practitioner in St. John’s.

Pam is a passionate mental health advocate who believes in whole body health and that this is achieved and maintained by addressing the mental, physical and spiritual elements of the self. Both the Yin and Yang sides of life are what teaches us balance. One is not better than the other.

Pam’s entry into better health was sparked by motherhood. She started with physical health with a mommy and baby workout class and 6 months later right into winning awards in fitness competitions eventually becoming a Certified Personal Trainer (Canfit Pro). Powered by mindset and self love, she went on to train others using mindset, visualization, and self-love live through the creation of online circuit training programs, fitness classes, group transformation programs, nutritional coaching, This was her lesson of mindset.

Learning how to balance and enjoy both the Yin and Yang side of life has long been a passion of Pams on her spiritual journey of wholeness. By breaking generational trauma, unhealthy relationship dynamics and cycles, challenging the status quo of societal norms, and championing the mental health wellness movement.

The ability to integrate the slower, guilt free, restorative side of life was a personal challenge for Pam. Determined to overcome she side and private and group sessions in Yin Yoga (Satori Yoga, NB), Yoga Nidra (Shakti Yoga NL), Healthy Weight Loss Coach (CanFit Pro), Kids and Family Yoga (Karma Kids NY), Essential Oils and Natural Health Coaching (doTerra Int.), Meditation Teacher (The Lotus Center, NL), and Restorative Yoga (Andrea Peloso), Reiki Practioner Levels I-3 (Reiki On the Rock) and most recently Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification (Shakti NL). The learning will never end for Pam.

She has a passion for helping others overcome doubt, unhealthy patterns and improving mental health! She is a public speaker, wellness presenter, personal development coach, self-care program facilitator, offers wellness retreats both privately and corporately, wellness workshops, teaches weekly group classes, runs a prvae wellness clinic and the Meridian Virtual Wellness Subscription Program!

Giving back to the community has always been a priority to Pam. From volunteering at her children’s schools with the Breakfast Program, Special Olympics NL, teaching yoga in schools, advocating and fundraising for community charities, community collaborations in wellness, at-risk youth, local shelters, food banks are just a few of the organizations’ Pam has worked with.

Most recently, Pam is a proud member, a provincial wide labor of love of wellness professional in an effort to combat the mental health crisis. This collection comprises of a variety of tools, classes, exercises, information, webinars available for replay to assist with bettering mental health!! Press release on this brand new iniative here: Mental Health Taskforce Developing Comprehensive Mental Health Program | VOCM

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