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Owner of Meridian Health & Wellness

Pam Martin-McDonald

Yoga, Meditation, Natural Health

Meet Pam, aka, the hybrid health coach! Pam is a Holistic Health Practitioner “Naturotherapist” with the ANN (Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapist of Canada), and founder of Meridian Health and Wellness, in St. John’s. Pam is a passionate mental health advocate and mompreneur, who believes in whole body holistic health for all and for the long term.

Pam’s entry into better health was sparked by motherhood. She started applying the care she gave to her children to herself- first with physical health entry point. From here, she realized just how interconnected mental health, physical health and emotional health are.

From overcoming her own depression and anxiety, from surpassing her own limitations via winning awards in bodybuilding, to opening a private health clinic, and everything in between, Pam’s personal journey of overcoming, combined with her personal touch, transparency, speaks to many on a variety of levels. Her approach is through the nervous system and on what we all have in common- the basic human need to feel seen, heard, loved.

She started as a Personal Trainer and Healthy Weight Loss Coach while her children were babies and then added in specialty certifications in Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Kids and Family Yoga, Essential Oils and Natural Health Coaching, Meditation Teacher, and Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and has recently just completed her Reiki Master Teacher Level.

She has a passion for helping others overcome doubt, breaking unhealthy patterns and sparking the inner light of empowerment in others. In addition to the numerous holistic healing modalities offered through Meridian, she is a public speaker, wellness presenter, personal
development coach, self-care program facilitator, and offers wellness retreats both privately and corporately.

Pam firmly believes that by addressing the mental, physical and spiritual elements of the self, both the Yin and Yang sides of life are what teach us balance. One is not better than the other, we need both and there is not one size fits all approach to living healthy and well!

When not with clients, Pam can be found volunteering in the community or with her children’s schools, exercising in a variety of fun ways, learning new skills, visiting her roots around the bay and currently, working on building her family lakeside cottage.

Following her passion for growth and to reach as many people as possible, Meridian offers private and group sessions virtually!

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Knowledge, Nurture, Nature, Connection, Consistency will shift you from surviving to thriving.

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