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Learn how to bridge the gap between knowing and doing when it comes to eating clean, and building meals that are a healthy balance.

Finally, the approach to healthcare you’ve been looking for.

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct and integrated form of primary health care that allows the Naturopathic Doctor to work in conjunction with the patient to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent disease.

Naturopathic healing focuses on finding the underlying causes that result in the development of disease and promotes well-being using therapeutics that support and enhance a patient’s overall health.

When to contact our team?

When patients visit the Healthy Balance Holistic Group for the first time, they often say they are “sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.” If you are not looking, feeling or performing at your best, then it’s likely time to see a naturopathic doctor. Though conventional Western doctors and pharmaceuticals can be valuable tools, they do not always address the full picture or answer all the questions about more complex health concerns. Many patients are told the exams and tests indicate they’re essentially healthy, even though they don’t feel well or even have very troubling symptoms. They are frustrated but often told they just need to learn to live with it. You will experience a more proactive approach to your health at our St. John’s naturopathic clinic.

For over 15 years, our experienced team has been supporting the health of residents in St. John’s, through our variety of services. One of the main philosophies of naturopathic medicine is empower each person to take charge of their health.

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