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Registered Massage Therapy

A Personalized Approach

We work alongside our valued patients to support them through their individual health and wellness journeys.

A few of the benefits of Pre (and Postnatal) massage therapy include regulation of hormones and blood pressure, increased blood flow (aiding in reducing fluid retention), alleviating discomfort as the body adjusts to additional weight gain and improving flexibility in the prenatal client. In the post natal client, massage therapy is also an important part of supportive therapy that can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with becoming a new mother. It also addresses the many postural changes experienced from carrying an infant carrier to head forward postures while breast feeding and simply gazing at that precious face as your baby lays sleeping in your arms.

Cupping Massage is a safe and effective treatment for chronic conditions. The therapist places suction cups on the client in areas where there are adhesions or scar tissue. The suction increases blood flow to the target area which encourages the release of toxins. Gentle gliding of the cups along the skin lifts the connective tissue away from the underlying muscle fibres that have become “stuck” and have been restricting movement.

Myofascial Release is another alternative hands-on technique that involves applying pressure to areas of the body that have become restricted in movement. The benefits of this technique is to restore movement and relieve pain caused by fascial (Connective tissue) restrictions.
Trigger Point Therapy is a technique used to relieve pain. Depending on the pain pattern reported, the therapist can identify where it is originating. Pressure is applied to that Trigger Point stopping blood flow to that point. Once released blood flow returns and the congestion in the tissue causing the referred pain is flushed out of the tissue thereby eliminating the pain. (Headaches are a common example).

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or “Light Therapy” has been used as far back as when the Russians began sending astronauts into space. If an injury occurs in space the astronaut cannot heal until returning to earths atmosphere since there is no light in outer space. We need light to heal, just as plants need light to grow. Debbie incorporates the use of this advanced medical technology either as a separate modality for a chronic condition which requires a series of consecutive sessions, or as a part of the massage session to reduce inflammation, swelling, spasming, or general pain. This is the most non-invasive form of therapy available. There are no side effects. This is ideal for anyone who cannot tolerate moderate to mild pressure in an acute stage. Hands on therapy is normally delayed in the acute stages of an injury or flare up of a condition, but with LLLT, treatment can begin right away allowing the body to begin healing right away. Light diodes are pulsed into the tissue and stored by the body to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This device is the only one of its type on the island and is one of only 4 in Canada. It uses “smart” technology which means one of the emitters used, finds the problem area and notifies the therapist of the location by flashing a red light. When placed upon the skin it delivers the appropriate dose to that tissue and alerts the therapist when it’s finished.