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Nutrition Services

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Learn how to bridge the gap between knowing and doing when it comes to eating clean, and building meals that are a healthy balance.

Digestion and Gut Health

From a natural perspective, digestion is key to optimal health and wellness.  Along with traditional management techniques, digestive issues, such as reflux, heart burn, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, sensitivities, allergies, and so forth are helped and sometimes preventable with lifestyle shifts, including nutrition, stress management, supplementation and sleep hygiene to name a few.

Inflammation and Arthritis 

From a holistic perspective, inflammation is the root of disease.  Reducing inflammation in our body, in turn helps our body heal and is a preventative measure against disease.  Nutrition plays a key role in the management and prevention of inflammation.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Blood sugar regulation helps to increase energy levels, control the appetite, curbs carb cravings, helps as a preventative measure against Diabetes, helps with management od Diabetes, helps with weight management, helps with hormonal responses in the body (especially during stressful times and during peri menopause and menopausal years), and is a useful tool for athletes.

Heart Health

Our Province tops the charts for Cardiovascular Disease in Canada.  Included under the umbrella of Cardiovascular Disease, are Stroke, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure.  Family History, lifestyle, nutrition, stress levels, medications, weight, lack of exercise, sleep patterns and medical conditions are some of the main contributing factors towards heart health issues.  Prevention is key and learning techniques to manage symptoms are very important factors.  From both the dietetic and holistic sides of the nutrition field, there are recommendations to help.


Learning tips to help strengthen our immune system is important for building and strengthening our immunity.  Over time, nourishment, sleep hygiene, reducing stress levels amongst other supports help us keep our systems in check by supporting immunity.

The little things we do consistently on a daily basis, add up to have the biggest impact on our overall health and wellness.

Health and Weight Management with proper Nourishment

In our society, we’ve been taught that in order to be healthy or to manage weight, the best thing to do is to reduce the amount of food we eat which promotes a restrictive and starvation mind set and is something we’re unable to maintain, hence setting off a world win of emotions.

In reality, if we learn to nourish and nurture our body and health, weight management becomes a whole lot easier to achieve and maintain.  Cut the diet strings loose to allow food freedom which in turn creates a new normal that we are able to live with from this day forward.  

If you’re ready to simply learn how to nourish and nurture your body, while feeling proud and positive of the little things you’re doing each day, our Nutritionist can help!

Dental Health

Nutrition plays a key role towards dental health.  Dental Health is imperative for overall health. Sometimes conditions such as TMJ, tooth pain, dental procedures, dental appliances, braces, associated headaches impact the types of foods we can eat.  Learn how to eat healthy based on your dental requirements.

Pain Management

The body’s natural response to pain is to release stress hormones which in turn help to enhance cravings, impact our mood while helping store the foods we’re eating.  Fueling properly for days where pain is worse, does not help the pain, however, it helps our coping mechanism towards the pain.

Anxiety and depression

There is a food mood connection.  We can add fuel to the fire, so to speak if our body is not nourished properly.  Think about how you feel when you’re hungry?  Sometimes we can have brain fog; feel tired and lethargic; multi tasking becomes difficult; we can be quite irritable; thoughts jump all over the place and the list goes on.  Nutrition helps!


At times when our health and food is out of alignment, supplementation of Natural Health Products help us to realign, keeping our body in homeostasis.

Not all products are created equal as there are not any standardizations in place for Natural Health Products in Canada.  In saying that, there are measures to look for when choosing the right product for you and your health.  Our Nutritionist helps to recommend products to help your health based on your individual needs.  In the past, recommendations were made and clients were purchasing products else where that were not necessarily the best quality and sometimes contained other ingredients that were of no health benefit.  Given this, our Nutritionist has decided to hand pick specific products from different product lines, and will now have a dispensary that will have products available to meet the individual needs of our clients.  Some of the product lines we carry are available commercially, as well we also have higher grade and specialized products and product lines that are only available to Registered Holistic Nutritionists.

Sports Nutrition and Nutrition for Active Living

Nutrition for sports and activity helps enhance athletic performance.  Learning to adapt healthy foods at the perfect time, helps to increase strength, endurance, skill set and timing. All calibre of athletic abilities benefits from factoring nutrition into their routine.

Our Nutritionist has worked with athletes such as NHL Players, Marathon Runners, Soccer Players, local Hockey Clubs, Special Olympic Provincial Teams, Triathlon participants, Tele 10 Runners, Cape to Cabot Runners, Dancers, Figure Skaters, Gymnasts, hikers and those who are generally active in their daily routine to include gym workouts, walking, swimming and the list goes on.

We’ve trained teams as well as customized individual programs based on the assessment of each individual.


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