Making Your Holiday Season a Healthy Balance!


Making Your Holiday Season a Healthy Balance!!!
Here we are, amongst the Holiday rush, getting things all done for Christmas.  It’s really important that we factor our health into the mix, so here are some tips to help you maintian your health during the holidays!
•Set Realistic Goals for a realistic time frame that work for YOU and your life!
•Be prepared to fall off the wagon and get ready to jump back on track again!!
•Allow yourself to eat regularly through out the day…never let yourself get hungry!
•Now…how about that treat, cheat or reward???  No need to waste it on food!!
•Make every meal a healthy balance; Make sure you use a plate at social gatherings; Stand/Sit away from food covered tables!
•Chug – a – lug on  water!
•Alcohol…Enjoy in Moderation…Choose light beer, light coolers, dry red wine, vodka, Gin (mixed with water or diet pop)
•Have fun with food; Get the best value for your nutrient buck!
•Exercise regularly – get that body moving!
•Decrease stress levels, get plenty of rest and maintain a positive attitude!
Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy & safe holiday Season!
Tara K. Antle, BSc.AHN, RHN, RNCP
Nutritionist/ Business Owner
Healthy Balance
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