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Healthy Balance is a Newfoundland based company spreading the word about the importance of healthy living. Healthy Balance specializes in private consults, group work, grocery store tours, in home assessments and work place wellness programs.
Healthy Balance is the creation of Nutritionist Tara K. Antle, BSc.AHN, RHN, RNCP. Tara has over a decade of clinical experience and more than six years formal education in the area of dietetics and holistic nutrition. She has educated, motivated and helped thousands of people reach and maintain their individual health goals.
Tara has been a regular guest on Rogers TV Out of the Fog, Cross Talk on CBC’s Radio Noon with Ramona Deering, The NTV Evening News and Here and Now on CBC. As well, you might you might have read a few articles that Tara was interviewed for and perhaps has even published herself in the The Telegram, NL Wellness Guide, The Downhomer, Atlantic Law Enforcement magazine, Juice Magazine (interview with Stacey Stein) and The Newfoundland Herald.