Virtual Webinar – Caring for a Child with ADHD



Who is this program for?

It is often quite difficult for parents to know that their child is struggling with something. Sometimes this may come from direct observations of your child, observations of someone else, or your child themselves. It can be hard to accept – no parent wants the world to be harder for their baby. While it can feel overwhelming at first – the sooner this is realized the better so that your child can benefit from whatever supports may be required.

This program is for any parent/caregiver of a child or youth diagnosed with -or suspected of having- ADHD. Whether your child is newly diagnosed, or your teen or young adult has been taking medication for ADHD for years – you may have questions or a sense that there are still missing pieces for your child. It is integral that parents have as much knowledge and information as possible in order to support a child with ADHD effectively.

This program is geared toward filling in those knowledge gaps so you can better understand your child’s brain and how it works. The better your understanding of this diagnosis the better able you will be to support your child and be their #1 advocate. You will also be in a better position to explain your child’s brain to your child! It is especially important for them to become well educated on ADHD and invested in their own treatment. This will aid in building resilience in your child and preserve their self-esteem. All too often families receive a prescription and little more with the ADHD diagnosis. My hope is that this workshop will deepen your understanding so that you can find some grounding to launch from.

What to expect:

This 2-hour virtual workshop includes an in-depth description of what ADHD really is – beyond its basic definition of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It includes all the foundational information that is needed: assessment, diagnosis, and medication. We will also delve into what is actually happening in the brain and how medication works. However, pills do not teach skills. We will also cover important psychosocial treatments to consider. The latest research shows us that ADHD is a disorder of ‘executive functions.’ You will gain a better understanding of what this means and what skills are impacted so that you can work toward creating a comprehensive treatment plan for your child.

You will have the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time so that I can ensure information is included that YOU want to know!

Workshop cost:

$30.00 payable online will confirm your registration. You will be sent a welcome email that will include a link to join the workshop at the scheduled date and time.