Happy New Year!


Hi There,
Hope all is well with you and your health! So happy we’ve crossed paths!
It’s amazing how quickly time goes by, yet it’s still exciting to start another year of possibilities! Thought I’d touch base with a little update of things that have been going on here, with Healthy Balance since the last time we spoke! Hopefully, you’ll find this update interesting and beneficial to your health.
Over the past year Healthy Balance has gotten technically savvy by updating our website, which I like to call “freshening up” or “redecorating” the content! The new site, now allows for online booking of your appointments. In addition to working with clients in clinic, clients from all over our province, across Canada and around the world, have been able to avail of Healthy Balance Services via webcam. This past year also topped the charts, for regular media interviews, locally, provincially and nationally, with Healthy Balance. During the coming months, the Healthy Balance website will include a media section, showcasing links with interesting health information and interviews that might be of interest to you! Please take a peek at the Healthy Balance site (the link is provided below) and let me know what you think! You can also stay up to date by following Healthy Balance on Twitter (@tarakantle), LinkedIn (Tara Antle) and Facebook (join our page, Healthy-Balance, join our group Healthy Balance or add Tara Antle as a friend).
We are also pleased to say that Healthy Balance services are now covered by most insurance, under Naturopathy, including Great West Life, Blue Cross, Johnsons and Greenshield, to name a few! It’s been great for clients who are able to recoup most of the cost of their sessions via their health care insurance. With the price of food these days, every dollar counts, and this is a great way to stay healthy on a budget, while receiving nutrition advice from an accredited source! Double check with your insurance, to see if you have coverage under your policy.
Healthy Balance is excited to announce that clients are now able to book and pay as they go for private consultations, as opposed to having to commit to a monthly fee structure. This idea was a result of client feedback and has been a big hit for those who utilize services offered by Healthy Balance. It makes budgeting so much easier.
In addition to private consultations, Healthy Balance has been working with Work Place Wellness Programs to deliver group work, workshops and Seminars, on site, to different businesses, agencies and groups over the past years, with continued success. For 2016, we have decided to also focus on offering Workshops to the general public, right here in our clinic on Lesley Street. I will keep each of you posted when dates become available. Are there any topics that you feel we could design a workshop around?
Hmmm…imagine, Healthy Balance has stopped writing meal plans for clients!! Yikes!! From my experience, research and client input, we struggle with meal plans and are less likely to use them in the long run. To help break things down further, my focus has shifted to customized Meal Building Guidelines and Food Exchange Lists, along with a recipe exchange. By incorporating foods and meals that clients already eat on a regular basis, without having to leave anything out, equates to a long term positive change. We can fit anything into healthy living, if we learn how to build a meal out of it. Most recipes are designed to be a meal in one, while in reality they are actually a side dish that we need to build a meal from. This is a skill set that we will take forward with us. Client success has been tremendous as they have cut the diet strings, allowing themselves the freedom to eat, resulting in improved health by nurturing their bodies from the inside out, in a guilt free manner.
This year will also include something new for me…I am in the process of writing a book with hopes of having it completed within the next six months. It will focus on the mindset involved with making a healthy lifestyle change, while teaching us how to play food and marketing detective when it comes to food and health related choices. Everyday experiences, pictures and stories will be shared. Looking forward to this journey!
Thank you, once again, for your continued support by supporting local business and Healthy Balance. Healthy Balance will be celebrating its 7th Birthday this year, thanks to YOU!!
Would love to hear how you are doing these days!! Please keep in contact!!
Wishing You a Happy & Healthy Year Ahead that’s Filled With Love, Laughter, Peace and Success!!!
Have a Happy & Healthy Day!
Tara K. Antle, BSc.AHN, RHN, RNCP
Nutritionist in Private Practice
Healthy Balance
47 Leslie Street (Heritage Health Care)
St. John’s, NL A1E 2V7
Tel: 709 722- 1157