Can I Really Tap Away My Stress?


Phyllis Reardon M.Ed., Naturopath
Yes you can and it can be as easy as tapping on acupuncture points.

It has been over ten years since I was introduced to an energy technique known as Tapping. Of all the psychological courses I did at university none of them had the weirdness about them that this process offers. Maybe that is why I approached this energy technique with a large degree of skepticism. Was I proven wrong! Now ten years later as I finish up my certification as an Advanced Certified EFT practitioner I am often asked what is this weird looking thing you do?
What is this weird looking thing you do?
It is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping. It is a technique that changed my personal life and as a counsellor/life coach I decided that if it was that powerful for me I needed to train, get certified and share this powerful technique with my clients. Now daily I continue to be amazed at the changes that my clients make in their lives.
What is Emotional Freedom Technique?
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly known as Tapping is a form of Meridian Therapy whereby you actually tap on points on your head, face and upper body. These tapping points are linked to the meridians, the ancient Chinese energy pathways in the body that are used in acupuncture but instead of using needles EFT uses gentle tapping on these points.
Our Energy Meridians run throughout our body and can get blocked by negative emotions. This disruption or blockage in the meridians can cause the body’s system to go off balance which can result in physical or emotional distress or both.
Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT can bring you quick, effective relief from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, pain and suffering, distressing thoughts, disturbing memories, and limiting beliefs.
But how does this Tapping work?
EFT is based on the theory developed by EFT founder Gary Craig that states:
“All negative emotions and many of the physical discomforts that they cause are the result of disruptions in the body’s energy system.”
Unlike talk therapy the client does not have to relive past trauma or negative events but simply focus on the feeling, the emotion. Then through the painless EFT process that consists of focusing on the negative energy, tapping and some talk-therapy the client clears the disruption in their body’s energy system, the meridian pathways, releasing the sometimes long-held negative emotion. For the client this emotional release facilitates a change in perspective, new thoughts are created as cognitive shift occurs.
Shift happens.
How can it help me?
As Gary Craig, founder of EFT says, ‘EFT can be tried on everything.’ One example I like to give is that of speaking to a group of people, most times referred to generally as ‘public speaking.’ Estimates put this universal fear of public speaking at somewhere around 95%, meaning that most of you reading this article do or have in the past experienced the rapid heart-beat, sweaty palms, dry mouth or some other physical reaction to having to speak to a group of people. This fear can easily be released with the Tapping process. I personally experienced the public speaking benefits of Tapping.
Laser Counselling
I’m a professional counsellor and I now have chosen to call EFT my ‘laser counselling’ tool as it is both fast and effective. This painless form of therapy allows an individual to clear emotions around negative past events without having to revisit or relive those dreaded memories. EFT is like talk therapy but the process allows me to get to the issues faster and to clear them more thoroughly. Clients can experience cognitive shifts immediately.
Mental health & a heathy body
As I’ve already stated we are part of a body-mind connection and as such emotional health, mental health is key to achieving and maintaining a healthy body.
There is a growing body of research that shows that emotional stress can lead to disease and sickness but we don’t need research to tell us this. We can all recall a time in our life when a negative life situation caused a physical response, albeit maybe for a short time span but indeed an emotional reaction influences a physical response somewhere in the body. These negative response if held in the body can have an adverse impact on our health.
My Clients
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