Past Seminars

 7:30 pm

Feb 20, 2020

Emotional Eating Program

Redefine your Relationship with Food

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 10:30 am

Mar 30, 2019

Celebrate Nutrition Month with Healthy Balance!

FREE Workshop

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 St. John's 10:00 am

Mar 23, 2019

Sports Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition matters when it comes to performing well in your sport!

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 10:00 am

Mar 13, 2019

Living Well With Arthritis & Inflammation

A Healthy Balance Workshop

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 St. John's 7:30 pm

Feb 28, 2019

Mental Wellness Bootcamp

Offered By: Heather Hopkins, MEd., CCC

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 8:00 pm

Feb 20, 2019

Your Heart & Your Health: A Crucial Connection

Healthy Balance Workshop for Heart Disease Prevention

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 8:00 pm

Jan 29, 2019

New Year Nutrition Workshop

How to set yourself up for successful change in 2019

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 10:00 am

Jan 12, 2019

Visit Our Booth at the Health Expo

 St. John's 7:00 pm

Dec 12, 2018

Wellness Tips at Lemon & Lime

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