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Naturally You – Women’s Circle of Health Program

Who is the Program For?

Ladies, frustrated that your body shape is changing? Holding weight in areas you’ve never held it in before? Finding that weight creeps on easily and is a fight for every pound to ditch? Feeling tired, irritable, bloated, hormonal, having sleepless nights, intense food cravings, and are overheated, just to name a few regular occurrences?

Our virtual Naturally You; Women’s Circle of Health program is designed specifically for you!

You’ll discover ways to cut the diet strings while learning to nourish and nurture for this phase of your life. Find food freedom, self-love, energy, and the ability to feel fantastic about yourself.

In our Naturally You; Women’s Circle of Health Program, you’ll gain accountability, inspiration and education, while being embraced by a community of women who are at the same point in life, sharing stories of real experience, success, frustrations, helping each other nurture positive mindfulness, health, kindness and self-care. All in a non-judgmental, fun and safe environment.  You’ll learn ways to nurture your soul and well-being while cutting the diet strings loose while learning how to nourish, based on this phase of life! 

What to Expect?

With a series of video’s, you’ll be inspired to reach your health goals through educational topics and challenges. Our Program is designed for you to work at your own pace. Once each video is complete in each module, you’ll graduate to your next video.  Each video explores different topics to truly help you understand how your body functions from a physiological perspective.  You’ll have access to important videos that provide valuable health and nutrition knowledge, life experience, and challenges to help you bridge the gap between knowing and doing. Our concept is to view our body as a holistic vessel, where one system in the body supports another, encompassing a naturopathic approach to health.  Recipes will also be included to help with creativity in the kitchen, while meeting our nutritional needs.  Monthly live video chats, with our Holistic Nutritionist, Tara Antle, BSC.AHN, RHN, RNCP will answer any questions and enable a discussion amongst our group.  Along this journey, we’ll have cooking demonstrations, product/food recommendations, and regular challenges to help you in your health transformation. Your course gives you access to one hour live virtual group sessions, held monthly, where we will share life experiences, answer your questions, and learn more about nutrition fundamentals from a dietetic, naturopathy, and holistic health point of view. You can participate in our live chat or email your questions or experiences in ahead of time, to be shared in each live session. Guest appearances from other health professionals will also provide tips to support you in reaching your health goals.

What are the Membership Fees?

Our Naturally You; Women’s Circle of Health program is offered for $95.00 plus HST, payable online prior to the start of the program. Once registered, participants will have 6 months to complete the course work and are invited to participate in all of our monthly live sessions.